Buy Cheap Mobi Mobicam Digital Wireless Video Monitor

A Mobi technology delivers by introducing the greatest baby monitor of all time: mobicam digital wireless video monitor.
New digilock wireless with (FHSS) technology prohibits any other monitor from watching and listening into your personal systems, keeping your family safe and secure.
Powerful 450 foot transmission range offers more flexibility and mobility for parents.
Amazing night vision can see up to 30 feet in complete darkness.
Watch multiple children or rooms simultaneously with automatic camera scanning option. Voice activated picture and sound with "auto mute" keeps the LCD screen and speakers off until there is noise in the room.
8 hour built-in high end rechargeable lithium ion battery pack is included with the monitor.
Built-in night light can be turned on or off as needed or can be set to auto mode which only turns the night light on when the room is dark.

Product Features
# No installation needed; ready to use
# Compact design for easy portability
# Powerful night vision with 30 foot range
# Extra wide camera viewing angle
# Expandable up to 3 cameras

Customer Review

No regrets so far
By Amanda B

I really had trouble committing to a video monitor since so many of them have such mixed reviews.

We just got ours and have had a chance to play with it and it seems to work great. The picture is good (day and night), the sound is good and no static so far. Also, the sound is super sensitive. It could hear me typing on the laptop in the next room. It hasn't hurt our wireless internet (we have a Belkin "N" router). I really like that this is digital too.

We took it downstairs to see if it would still pick up and we initially thought it wasn't, but realized that although the sound is sensitive, it doesn't pick up the downstairs and we still had it on the sound activated mode. Once we turned that off it worked fine up and down.

I wish it came with a mount and we will have to figure something out to make that work, but so far that is the only problem. I hope it continues to be as good of a product as it was out of the box.

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