Buy Cheap PSI TCLPROVS Turncrafter Pro VS Variable Speed Wood Lathe

PSI has engineered the TCLPROVS Turncrafter Pro VS Variable Speed Wood Lathe to be the most powerful, variable speed, midi wood lathe on the market at the best price.

Technical Details
  • Variable speed wood lathe
  • Powered by a 1/2-horsepower motor with variable speed control
  • Electronic speed control box and cable easily mounts
  • Made from cast iron
  • Accessories include 6-inch tool rest, 3-inch face plate, spur center, dead center, and spare drive belt
Customer Reviews

Great value, great quality

By Steve (Rockwall, TX)

Haven't spent a whole lot of time on this lathe yet, but am impressed so far. It was a toss up between Jet VS and PSI VS. I chose PSI as it's built practically the same, others seemed to like it, and at the time of purchase was a much cheaper--about $125 cheaper! Seemed like a great value.

Very smooth, very little vibration, VS works well, fit and finish may be a little worse than the Jet but nothing big. Had to run a file down the inside edges of the bed to free up a slight tight spot when sliding the tailstock. Having used the Jets at a local turning club, I find it hard to recognize much significant difference in quality and useability between these two (granted I'm still a beginner). So far, I'm very pleased with the decision to go PSI.

Great Midi Lathe

By Frederick D. Zagurski (Edmonds, WA, USA)

Having evolved from larger woodworking project into small items such as winebottle stoppers and pens, I decided to move from my Shopsmith to a smaller specialty lathe. Having done extensive research on the Internet, the Turncrafter Pro with Variable Speed by Penn State Industries was the obvious choice. It is by far, the best value for the price. It operates very smoothly. Having a #2 Morse taper on both the headstock & tailstock makes it very versatile. I would give it 5 stars except for three minor items:
1. The ½ hp motor makes it slightly underpowered for larger pieces.
2. Even though it has a variable speed control, there are also 3 belt settings (this was never mentioned in any ads).
3. Moving from a Shopsmith to any convential lathe is a giant leep in operation and the instrctions for set-up were very minimal and for operation were not-existant.
But overall, it's a great lathe for smaller projects. I highly recommend it for any woodturner.

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