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Death of the Liberal Class
The term "should" is certainly overused and abused. Not so with this recommendation because it is a book that can advance the debate that we as a country we are, what we do and where we go on. In addition, in the interest of full disclosure - I am a big fan of Chris Hedges - although I do not agree all the time with his views - his work is always well written, well documented and very well presented. No difference.

Its fundamental principle is convincing and illuminating. He argues that the division of "real America today is not between Democrats and Republicans but between the citizens and the average ...." Economic and financial elite If you are like me, you were appalled by the failure of our political discourse over the past 20 years, you have hostility and vitriol that the "debate" have been marked on political depressed you despair of the idea that the logical conclusion is that there is no "solution" to the end of the road for my team to win this game -.. Your side has to lose the old adage that "politics is the art of compromise" seems to get out of the window.

Although I have not the book I read enough to understand what and Hedges (I think) where he is ready. His argument resonates with me because even though I voted for Obama, I am with them that much by the gap between what he promised and what he does disappointed. His campaign rhetoric gives me energy (and perhaps millions of others) with the promise of "change" would come, but he lied - to the evidence given the sad truth is that no "It's really not a" dime worth of difference "between the political parties.
Hedges gives us an answer as to why this is happening. Our leaders in our service of their masters - the problem is that these teachers are not the people in this country - it is the interests of companies that are now those who need and what they want from the government. For hedges of the economic collapse and monitoring "relief" granted on Wall Street writes. and various companies so that people are blown I'm outraged - again. His "promise" st wall. Bailout and reform of credit to start anew the economic engine that is the American people - he was lying flat. The bailout happened. The loan does not. Obama does not seem to care. The Democrats did not care about him. The R does not care. And the Americans are always and rightly outraged about the abuse.

You can imagine the anger behind the tea party is really just the beginning of what in the course of our discovery, which are "the emperor has no clothes." The R's are naive to think that the tea party is a good thing for them as hedges eloquently notes -. not about D's and R. It is something much more fundamental.
Read this book. Explore this perspective. You will be a better citizen in the effort. Ultimately, we are a better country accordingly.