Apple iPod touch 32 GB (4th Generation) Review

Apple iPod touch 32 GB (4th Generation)
This review comes from someone who never purchased any Apple products before,  married, healthcare professional, blackberry and palm TX owner (yeah I know, belongs in a museum),  I was searching for a portable web browser by wifi, no monthly rates for 2 years, with camera, video, as well as programs that i can use for my work, and put in my pocket and it led me to this gadget. This is therefore a very un-technical, layman's overview.

1. Shipments time: I was purported to get this May 1-18 using the regular shipping, but I got it today, maybe because I ordered it when Steve Jobs finished presenting, so this deserves above 5 stars!

2. Dimensions/looks: I myself prefer the "handling" of these bigger and heavier third gen which i borrowed, its all smudge now without any cover, but boy! this is actually the most beautiful handheld device that I ever held, four stars for being smaller and also lighter and smudgy.

3. Display: The retina display is fantastic! Just like reading from a glossy magazine, and yes you cannot see the pixels! five stars!

4. Wifi: Sync with ATT wifi - no difficulty, wifi in gym - no difficulty, monthly fees - no problem! five stars!

5. Internet Browsing: Hard to enter the addresses initially, but web pages loads super fast (the longest was within just thress-onethousand - all news channels), browsed the internet with no problems,make sites bigger or smaller... this gets 5 stars too.

6. Speed (Processor): this thing is very quickly, web pages load within just 3 seconds, grabbing apps within 30 secs, YouTube in a flash,  the email attachment which opened in 1 minute in my computer took only 10 seconds! 5 stars without a doubt!

7. Camera: very grainy, will not make use of it for any important event,  only for quick-I-need-a-camera moments, it will not swap my dSLR, however since it wasnt there in the previous gen, and I only use my dSLR and nothing else, this camera is a bonus it gets 4 stars.

8. Apps for work/"work": I currently downloaded four very useful applications for work totally free! plus five other free games for me and my three year old child,  the undeniable fact that I can now have apps without an iPhone/iPad is superb, considering that its free of charge is sweet! five stars!

8. Video: 720p HD! And I purchased a Vado High definition that does nothing else! Quality is up to par! five stars!

In general, I have an Apple iPod touch 32 GB (4th Generation) that surfs the net very very fast, takes care of my email, features a camera, great High def videocam, great free apps for work,  that looks beautiful, and is great to look at, which i got 7 days early,  what more can I ask for?!!!  Worth every penny and deserves five stars!

And it also stores and plays music too?! And has facetime?! And maps?! I do think like I spent for a Toyota and got a Lexus! 

Will get one more for my child so she doesn't have to borrow mine!