Microplane 40020 Grater/Zester Review

Microplane 40020 Grater/Zester
This Microplane 40020 Grater/Zester might be the sole tool in my kitchen that I've also seen in my dad's workshop. I personally use it for any variety of grating tasks including hard cheeses, chocolate, nutmeg, cinnamon, and citrus zests.

For hard cheeses including Parmesan, you will get a pleasant, light fluffy pile of cheese instead of the grittier result from a traditional box grater. It is because the Microplane 40020 Grater/Zester actually produces tiny, thin strips instead of hard little granules. Your cheese will melt faster and can actually look somewhat elegant perched in a snowy mound atop a bowl of pasta.

Hard spices including nutmeg grate quickly and easily, and it's easy to run the Microplane 40020 Grater/Zester over an orange or lemon for only the right amount of zest no pith (if you don't press to hard or work exactly the same spot too much time). With wetter foods like zest, you'll have to slide the resulting product from the backside from the plane because it does tend to stick, but this only has a quick flick of one's finger. Chocolate will need to be quite cold so that it's hard enough to grate without melting or slipping.

Finally, the Microplane 40020 Grater/Zester is very user friendly since grate right into the pot or onto a plate. It's of sufficient length to relax about the lip on most bowls, and it is elegant enough to take for the table. In reality, we recently were built with a dinner party and that we passed for this tool so that our guests could grate the perfect amount of bittersweet chocolate within their black-bean chili.

Cleaning can be a bit tricky using this tool, since its sharp holes will gain in popularity a towel once you attempt to dry it. Personally, I've found a few hard taps dislodge any gunk and that i seldom need to actually wash it. But when you do get it wet, make sure to dry the Microplane 40020 Grater/Zester thoroughly when you would with any fine kitchen knife. If you wipe toward the handle, it really should not be an issue.