Microsoft Streets & Trips 2011 Review

Microsoft Streets & Trips 2011
I've been buying each version with Microsoft Streets and Trips for several years. Now, I seriously believe that Microsoft simply did a text replace operation 2010 to 2011 and shipped the one thing out. The 2011 program appears to be bug-for-bug comparable to this years iteration.

Were any maps updated for 2011? Maybe. I can't hold the resources to check this. Here's one data point. Over a year ago, a new freeway entrance was added near my house. Earlier, the maps in my TomTom GPS were updated to include this. Finally. But Microsoft Streets and Trips 2011 will not range from the new freeway entrance.

Microsoft features a web page focused on its Microsoft Streets and Trips products. There is no reference to extra features there. For a marketing-driven company like Microsoft, this is remarkable.

At this time, I possibly could copy and paste my review for Microsoft Streets 2010 below. Nothing has changed! The maps continue to be great, although perhaps becoming old. An individual interface is fantastic, with the exception of Microsoft's treating "bookmarks." Searching, editing, and organizing saved locations is primitive and inconvenient.

Such as previous versions, maps is not going to print at 1200 DPI (dots per inch). I'm able to print them at 600 DPI though. I've tested this on three different printers.

I personally use this system from Windows 7 also it installed cleanly. However, I cannot launch it in the usual way. Windows complains the Microsoft Streets and Trips 2011 wasn't installed properly. The reply to this issue is to always launch the program with administrative privilege. This really is slightly inconvenient.

If anyone finds a difference between the Microsoft Streets and Trips 2011 and also the 2010 version, please post your findings.