Cobra CJIC 350 Jumpstarter Powerpack Review

With the Cobra Jump Starter Powerpack, you'll never be stranded or without emergency power again. The Jump Start Powerpack contains a maintenance free, high efficiency sealed lead acid battery with 1800-Watt of power to jumpstart your vehicle without the safety and mechanical risks inherent with the old style vehicle to vehicle jumper cables. The Reverse Polarity Indicator lets you know when the proper connection to the battery has been made. Then, the jump starter safety switch safely transfers power to the booster cables, which are heavy duty and made to transfer power more efficiently. The Jump Start Powerpack also comes with a convenient 12-Volt DC output and a 5-Volt USB output to power up and charge mobile electronic devices such as iPods, PDAs, and DVD Players when you're at the work site, on the road, or camping. Additionally, it contains a 400-Watt/110-Volt AC Outlet for operating household appliances during storms, or anywhere that traditional electricity isn't available. The Ultra Bright LED Light can be used either at work or in an emergency, and the 260 PSI Air Compressor is a must have for those road side flats, inflating sports equipment, or getting the air mattress set for camping. When the Battery Status LED lights up, simply use the included AD/DC charging jack to bring your unit back to full power and ready for the next incident. This product is a must have for every household and vehicle, because when it comes to your emergency, safety, and power needs, "Nothing comes close to a Cobra".

Product Features
* 1800-Watt jump start unit with heavy duty cables transfers power more efficiently and is strong enough to start most vehicles
* 260 PSI Air Compressor and Grounded 120-Volt AC Outlet
* 12-Volt DC Output to power up and charge mobile electronic devices
* 5-Volt USB Output to power up and charge 5-Volt devices such as iPods and PDAs
* 400-Watt Emergency AC Power Adapter and Super Bright LED light

Customer Review

By C. Parker "CD"

This is a good system for backup of battery power, or air compressor needs. If you trailer your boat, jump start or air tires when needed and fits in the Center Console and most storage areas.