Buy Cheap Brinno PHV132512 Electronic PeepHole Viewer

Product Description
The PeepHole Viewer us an LCD panel to display who is at your door. It turns a hard to see PeepHole image into a big bright image.Simple One Button OperationPress the Power button under the LCD panel to turn on the viewer and see clearly who's at the door.The first push of the Power button will put the PeepHole Viewer into "Regular" view mode.If the button is pressed a second time while the viewer is still on, the display will go into "Zoomed View".Repeated pressing of the button causes the viewer to rotate between the two viewing modes: "Regular" and "Zoom".The viewer will turn off automatically after 10 seconds to conserve battery life. Any press of the button will restart the timer for 10 seconds.

Technical Details

* Uses an LCD panel to display who is at your door without alerting them to your presence
* Simple push button operation
* Toggles between regular and zoom mode with a push of the button
* Compensates for low-light images and eliminates "fish eye" distortion
* Quick, easy installation

Product Details

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* ASIN: B002QGU8D0
* Item model number: PHV132512

Buyer Review

Better Than I Expected
By Janet L. Ng (Humble, TX United States)

The setup was incredibly simple, exactly as shown in video. I'm a 53 yo woman with absolutely NO handy-man skills whatsoever, and if I could install it in 5 minutes, anyone could!

I've only had it one day, so can't attest to the longevity of this product yet, but I've had the opportunity to view it both at day and night (with porch light on). The picture is very good, in color, and the zoom lets me zoom into the area that's about 25 yards in front of it. It works PRECISELY as described, and I feel 10 times more secure about seeing who is at my door than I did with the standard, crappy peephole. I can see the picture on the screen even when standing 10 feet away from the door -- except you need to walk up to the door to press the button to turn it on.

The only thing that I don't like is when you push the button, it makes a slight click noise, and I'm not sure if someone outside the door could hear that -- probably not, but it should have been designed with totally silent operation.

The only other suggestion I have would be to have a remote so you could turn it on remotely without even having to walk up to the door. Other than those two things (and believe me, the pros of this viewer FAR OUTWEIGH those puny issues), I am absolutely satisfied (on day one) with this viewer.

You must have the porchlight on to see anything at night. With the porchlight off, the screen is totally black - so it does need light. However, with the porchlight on, the view close up to my door is spectacular. The view out away from the door, where the area is dark, is zero at night -- but you can see perfectly who is at your door with a light on.

If the batteries run low, it's easy to turn the viewer and it comes off to change the batteries. Even without the viewer in place, you can still see through the peephole, as with a standard peephole viewer - so if you run out of batteries, you are not left without a view until you can buy more batteries - simply remove the viewer, and use it as a standard peephole. Even without the viewer, the range is much broader and clear than a standard peephole.

From the outside, it looks just like a regular peephole, except the person on the outside can NOT tell when you are looking because there is always something over the hole (the viewer). With standard peepholes, the person outside can tell when you move up close to look out, but not with this one.

The viewer remains on for a few seconds after you turn it on, and if you want it on longer, simply keep pressing it between zoom and regular mode. I like it that it turns off after about 5 seconds, as that's really all you normally need, and it saves on the batteries.

I like to use it to "just look out there" if I hear something, and want to see what's going on without opening the door -- so it's not only good when someone rings your bell, but also to just keep an occasional eye on what's occuring "out there" in front of your door and beyond, as well a broad view on each side.

I am totally pleased, and would highly recommend this viewer to anyone who really needs to see who is outside, without letting the visitor know you are looking -- and who needs to have a broader view. Great purhcase -- one of my favorites in a long, long time!