The CamelBak Better Bottle Review

The CamelBak Better Bottle is a new standard in re-usable water bottles. It is available in multiple colors and in three sizes which is 1 liter, 0.75 liter, and 0.5 liter. This innovative bottle is also BPA- and Phthalate-free. You may be wondering what is BPA- and Phthalate and why those things is important. Let me tell you, BPA or Bisphenol-A is an ingredient used to make polycarbonate and Phthalates which pronounced thal-ates are a component added to some plastic to make them soft and pliable. Those two things are very dangerous for your health and will contaminate your body when it is mixed with the food you ate or the water you drank. The CamelBak Better Bottle line is made from a new copolyester polymer called Tritan, made by Eastman. It offers the same great qualities that we have come to expect from polycarbonate bottles and is 100 percent BPA-Free. The Big Bite Valve is made of medical-grade silicone for long life and taste-free performance.

The CamelBak Better Bottle holds quite a bit of water (25 oz, 750mL). The bottle is leak-proof. I like drinking from the straw - no tipping the bottle required. No unscrewing a cap, just flip-up the valve and drink. I removed the flexible bite valve cover and just drink normally from the hard plastic straw piece since the bite valve seemed a little weird to me. I have had no problems with leaking with the valve cover removed - just flip down the valve when I am on the go and there is no leaking. The valve system seems very well designed. I generally sit the bottle on its side on the car seat or throw it in a bag with no leaking, just like a regular screw-cap bottle. The carry loop is nice - fits in your finger. It is easy to fill, with the wide mouth. It comes in lots of colors.

Overall, The CamelBak Better Bottle is a great water bottle. It looks good, it's durable, and it holds a good amount of water. I can't think of another water bottle I'd rather have.