Philips PVD700/37 Portable 7-Inch LCD TV Review

Portable TVs are small devices that often equipped with a LCD or LED color display. On the first sight, you may resemble those device as a handheld transistor radios. Portable TVs gaining it popularity over the few last years by developing its quality mainly it's reception and display technology. Few years ago you may see that those kind of devices are pretty big, clunky, has poor reception quality and using black and white display. Nowadays, portable TVs are much smaller than it's predecessor, using 2.5 to 9-inch screens and equipped with the latest LCD technology.

Philips, the Netherland's electronic giant, recently launched its newest portable TV product. Philips PVD700/37 Portable 7-Inch LCD TV equipped with the latest 16:9 HD supported TFT Liquid Crystal Display technology, featuring High Contrast and Brightness, and also come with slender and attractive Remote Control, AC/DC Power Adapter, and a Built-in Stand.

Philips PVD700/37 Portable 7-Inch LCD TV's battery can last for more than 2.5 hours, with a small antenna that work perfectly to get every channels available in your area.

One of the bad things i found while using Philips PVD700/37 Portable 7-Inch LCD TV is that there is no SD and USB slot in this device. I think it would be terrific if Philips decided to make one equipped with a SD and USB slot.

My final words is that this portable TV is a perfect product for you sport fans who do not want to miss any great matches while you are outside.