The Brita Ultra Water Filtration System Review

Brita's Ultra water system not just improves the flavor of tap water for cooking and drinking, it also purifies it. The packages contain two replacement water filters together to make sure your water filter continues to work properly and that water that taste great keeps flowing. Any contaminant substances such as giardia, cryptosporidium, and asbestos are removed--as long you change the filter regularly. These wonderful filters fit readily on the Brita Ultra Faucet Filter, which sold separately.

Consumer product review have consistently given Brita with the highest scores for removing unnecessary substances from water you drink. The faucet-mounted system takes up less room in your fridge and you will never have to wait for the water to drip through the filter into your pitcher. Even better, there is no more of those little black crumbs of the coconut-filter stuff in your pitcher!

The Brita water filtration system is a great alternative to just water from the tap. It is really easy to install and the replacement filters just fit into place. The bottom line is that IT WORKS! The water tastes much better without the odor.