Fisher Quad Action Space Pen Review

The Multi-Action (Quad Action) Space Pen is the most versatile Space Pen created by Fisher combining a mechanical pencil with a stylus tip and pressurized ink pens designed to write in any surface. In general, it is a very well produced pen, and an exceptional value at its current price. Those advantages include:
  • Rubber Barrel which make it easier to grip
  • Chrome finish below that which is pretty cool
  • Very good upper Barrel in a sort of titanium/greyish type finish
  • Better side release mechanism compared to many others which have plastic clip release

I realized that the pen is somewhat lighter than the metal Lamy 4-in-1 series, but to have more heft than most of the cheaper pens. But really, the Fisher is very well-made. The stylus is pretty functional. The inks, once you get used to them, quite handy and easily replaceable with Lamy if you don't. The mechanical pencil is of the 0.5mm type. Even if you do not need to multi-task this pen is great which is really worth the price.