Walky Dog Hands Free Bicycle Leash Review

The WalkyDog is strong and from the appearance it's made of high quality materials to last forever. Installation to the bottom of the seat of my bike was easy and quick. If the bar is too far forward the backside of your leg will going to hit it, so make sure to try the mounted WalkyDog before using it with your dog. Attaching and removing the pole part from the clamp part is easier and faster than the claims made by the company literature. It takes an instant to attach and remove it.

Some of the dogs that i have run with the WalkyDog include a Greyhound, Border Collie, Jack Russel terrier, Red Bone Coonhound, and few others. As long as the dog is in good health, active and have cooperating weather, then I cannot imagine anymore why anyone do not use this product. Using the WalkyDog you will get done faster and the dog is more tired, so you can get to work sooner and maybe void furniture chewing from a dog with too much energy.

I am going to warn you that it is definitely not as easy as riding without a dog strapped to your bike. I can feel him pulling me, and I have to really hold onto the handlebars to steer against his pulling. At one point, he saw a cat, and i thought for sure he was going to pull me off the street. Neighbor kid laugh so hard, even though he tried to hide it.

Be sure to tighten the clamp well if your dog pulls, or the bar will swivels and hits your leg while riding. There is no troubles when the clamp properly tightened. I HIGHLY recommend this leash for anyone who likes to ride, and feels bad leaving your dogs at home while you do it. It is much easier than i thought it would be, and my dog loves it!

I would highly recommend using a harness type collar with this personally, however, a slide chain collar or regular collar work as well. The harness will gives a bit more freedom to the dog to moves.