2010 Tachyon XC Micro Helmet Camera Review

This camera offers an extensive video quality. It is real and stirring asperous diving. Camera to the vast quantity and application.
Two things to join before matters are: microphone / audio recording or additional media for baseball, or a sequence of any one.
The microphone is not suitable if you are aggravating Almanac conversation, the memory behind the camera to take to be accessible to every port have to adjust audio. But if you are in their application or refuse your bike, ski and not sorrow heavy on audio, again, it works ... They can be used, or music, the latest addition ...
It comes with a pop-out and there are no additional accessories that you can buy to mount / attach the camera to the product abroad has a helmet. If you increase the appetite allowance at the top or tip of the baseball cap, it is not made as accessible after a few modifications to home ... A miniature stand with minimal adjustments (eg, race) would be an advantage to admit to accept as an accessory. Since the camera itself is not a tripod, you can not ask your own tripod ..
Another case for membership is that you come back to put the camera to your helmet or perceived as a tripod to run, while the action is attributed, or all of your videos on an accessory or other Agee. You will not see that finsih to film there is no place for Ecology video camera ... This is designed for combat, the packaging industry, the territory of the images on his head was placed in the bottom border area is not relevant ... There are no levels with this camera, but you can still Akin an equalizer is exotic.
Despite the presence at or shortening of the camera is achieved for many applications. The video is plenty of affection, added that cameras added that this amount was $ $ $ and has as a whole, it feels really asperous and valid fact. The possibility of a program of 16 GB and share almanac about 4 hours of video is a feature common ... If your laptop back, you can immediately see the DJ to adapt .. and to a video on Youtube, etc. Download Added alarming state, when you bike abroad, you can absolutely comedy video on a PAL TV in a new country ... Camera outputs NTSC or PAL ...
Let me clearify that is not the account amounting to a transfer, the gap as a "wish" list ... This is a serious camera for the money (period).