Apple In-ear Headphones with Remote and Mic

These are expensive but they work great with the iPod Touch. If you listen to music, you can quickly increase or decrease the volume, skip between tracks or pause (a great feature if you're a frequent traveler and need to rapidly adopt to hear a message on a plane). In addition to a walk or run? Set up your playlist and keep the iPod in your pocket. You do not like the song that plays? Just reach for the microphone / controller to go to the next track.

Want to save a college course, or you remember to take the pizza on the way home? Simply download the free software "Record" application and has a high voice recorder.

Initially I was interested in this product, when I read an article on how you can use Skype to make VoIP calls to the touch. I have not tried it yet, but estimates show that it works well. The sound quality? Same as the standard iPod headphones - on average. If you are an audiophile can not hit, but I'm happy, and earphones are beautiful!