Boogie Board LCD Writing Tablet Review

We just got our Boogie Board in the mail today, and we love it! The trick is that the negative comments make this product * * good points. The screen is not very bright (he obviously is not back-lit) and there is no way to work you have created to record, it's really a high-tech whiteboard. At the same time, but there are things to love: the Boogie Board is incredibly slim and well trained. It comes with a very nice pen and the screen is * very * sensitive, I was exactly how it records your pen strokes shocked.

The key is to love this product to your own use. There really is no substitute for paper. I see he used to doodle or sketch, create shopping lists, and write the odd note. We can write our attitude in the kitchen of my wife for a shopping list, the use of this take a phone number in a hurry or something scribbled notes or quick reminders. I have four magnets and super-glued it back so that the boogie board adheres perfectly to the refrigerator.

We love our Boogie Board so far, and I think you also be aware of what is good and what is not good, and you should take out.