Buy Cheap Pinzon Baby by Aden + Anais

I ordered these in the tea party and I like the models - a bit! perfect girl who did not use these to wrap it again - but I can see how I can use it anywhere else (and probably a lot of diapers.) It would be perfect as a cover, cover, etc especially for the summer (and California)

If you are wondering how they differ over Aden + Anais almost double the price and the various prints:
1. Size - Pinzon is slightly larger 47X47 (vs 44X44)
2. The material - which is technically the same, but Pinzon is more subtle. It got largest "holes" in Aden + Anais, which leads to a slightly coarser texture and greater transparency. I have not washed them yet - but I think Aden + Anais is a bit softer. Both are rectangular "cards".

I did not notice the difference right out of the box - on closer inspection, it appears that the difference is very small. I do not even think it is a reason to buy an expensive Aden + Anais, unless you really like the other editions. Or if the products Pinzon smaller and does not wash well.