Fisher-Price Stand 'n Play Rampway Play Set Review

Fisher-Price has given your child an exciting toy in his crib n 'Play Set Rampway Play - Evel Knievel's life ... Yes, but this set is aimed rampway allow cars to easily speed along the ramp, the toy we bought for our grandson's buoyancy makes the cars coming down the ramp on the left side of the structure . So I think it is very fun to watch cars fly through the air, not good for someone or something in the way of the flying car.

I called Fisher-Price to determine if you might have a defective rampway or if something was wrong. They said they had no other reports of stolen cars and suggested to remove the section of the ramp that was the cause of the problem and replace it. That helped some, but not enough to keep the cars the veil in the air, although less frequently. We noticed cars shorter, lighter tends to fly almost all the time, while the heavier cars would stay on the ramp. The racing car and sports car that is both oz 1.3. and 1 / 8 inch below the police car are the two extras who had the most trouble staying on the ramp. The police car is 1.4 ounces and 3/8" shorter than the pick-up (1.5 oz) also tend to leave the rampway, the truck ramp stay in most of the time one. point has led us to return the two cars that came with the game before the ramp met, once we get replacements and how they work, I will update this review.

As this was not available on Amazon when we made our purchases, we buy directly from Fisher-Price. The cost is $ 40, we were able to get free shipping via promotion. Be sure to check the prices, it should be the promotion of Nice for the holiday season.

The Fisher-Price Stand 'n Play Play Set Rampway was easy to assemble. It is well completed in the sense that no sharp edges that can scratch the skin of a child, in fact, the edges are well rounded and very smooth. Everything seems to be very durable, and our old toddler, moved up to a year in rampway and remains robust.

It's really a fun toy for children. If we had not had problems with the cars remaining on rampway throughout the race by race, it was treated as a purchase of five stars.