Buy Cheap Vinturi Essential Wine Aerator Review

I bought one of those spur of the moment when the product launched just before Christmas, 2006. It seemed like a perfect - if necessary - Storage Stuffer my wife, because we are both passionate about wine. I have never heard these "gimmick" aerators has done a lot of settling solid half-hour could not do. Boy was I wrong.

The device itself is attractive, compact and solidly built. There seems to be a simple rectangular plexiglass "funnel" with a rubber grip. There are two small channels in the center of the funnel-like "cracks" in the plastic (I read the news product that provides buyers worried about the cracks are clean and unavoidable). The wine is poured from the top of the funnel, and immediately heard a sucking noise as the casting draws air into the wine before it escapes into the bottom of the funnel. The aerator is easily observable, and I've never had a problem with spillage.

Now, the "power" Vinturi. I am using the Vinturi for 5 months now on a wide range of wines ... from a bottle of "Two Buck Chuck" for a beautiful Vietti Barolo 98 bottle of a 97 "Phelps Insignia. In any event, all wine, I noticed a significant improvement in the quality of wine when poured into the Vinturi, in contrast tasted from the bottle. The variations are more mixed, the finish is less acidic, and frankly he did most of the wines I drink a more enjoyable experience, sniffing to swallow. I made several "blind tasting with friends and we all agree - this stuff works.

If you're a serious wine drinker - or shopping for the wine drinker in your life - to give this product a try. A $ 40 is about the price of a decent California Cabernet, and produces results in the coming decades. I'm going to pick up a few dozen this Christmas and give them as gifts to business customers.