Decision Points George W Bush Review

The book is written by subject, not chronologically. This is important because it gives the book a very different flavor from what is written, month after month and year after year. This book was not ghost writing. This is his hand and his word and he passes through on every page - all 512 of them.

I had no expectations when I opened the hood other than to enjoy the book. I found that was written with a light hand Bush is a wonderful storyteller, no question. And he pulls no punches, he tells the real deal and not the filter. Other people write pros and cons of this book based on his political filters. There will be none of that here. I am interested in enjoying a book and tell you too, or maybe not.

I'll give you an idea of the book, and you'll immediately know if it's something for you:

* When the chair is not a do-over to stop drinking

* was one of the toughest decisions I've ever done

* No student should be the last time George Bush was asleep during the lesson Yale

* He says he had the same personality, like her mother. He needle for people to show affection and make a point. He flares up quickly. She and her mother and can be real blunt, a trait that causes them to ace each time

* Bush has been heavily influenced by a history teacher on crutches to his high school was the Phillips Academy in Andover, MA Tom Lyon was called (paralyzed by polio), and he eats, intimidated, they praise, and demanded a lot. He taught George W. Bush, a love of history that has remained with him for a lifetime.

* Rev. William Sloan Coffin was a contemporary of the father of President George HW Bush when both were at Yale University. When George W. was a student at Yale, his father had lost his bid to become a senator from Texas. George W. asked the Rev. maybe write a letter to comfort his father, and former colleague of the Rev.. Reverend said, "Your father was beaten by a better man." I do not think the future president never called for the observation.

* Having used a lot of time in Texas the past two decades, I like the wisdom of the President of the Texas brilliantly captures a statement. He refers to some people "sidewalk book smart and stupid."

* He summed up his training tells us that went to the tradition of Andover, Yale, Harvard, and a dialog box is waiting.

* The history of the book is more fun when you sit down to Kennebunkport celebration of his parents' stage of his heavy drinking, and he says the time to sort his parents, what's sex like after 50 Everyone was dismayed by declaration. The future president must be mentioned, when he was elected. Note says: "Well, how is George?"

* What you see here is an absolutely honest, independent investigation.

* When the President was introverted and speaks of personal philosophy is that people around you will determine the quality of advice you receive, and how your goals are implemented.

* He mentioned a meeting with Margaret Thatcher, who said she usually represents the spirit of a man in 10 seconds and rarely change it.

You can not write a biography of over 500 pages without revealing themselves. You simply can not hide the fact that for a long time. I do not think this president is a bad bone in his body. He has to make mistakes, yes, many of them, and all the other also. It's so easy after all, and so difficult to play carefully before the event. He takes responsibility and keeps the history of the future, he said. This is a man who sleeps at night.

It's all here in chapter 14, the stem cells, Sept. 11, Afghanistan, Iraq, Katrina, Surge, his freedom agenda and finish of the financial crisis. You can finish reading everything and looking for more. You have to be critical, and at the same time comforting, because this was and is a good person. They were errors of assessment, but not the heart. Redundancies Hire, read this book and you can better understand a part of history that we are all living. He does punches and tells you what he thinks of the players who were part of his administration.

And then there's the family, his love of father and mother. Her love for him and the child they produced. George Bush is the perfect example of the apple does not fall far from the tree. Is the product of an immersion in family that has not been pushed, but gently pressed to find their own way. No bumps in the road, including the ten-year battle with alcoholism.

I loved this book and ask my other readers to go with an open mind, with a fresh eye, and try to see if you can take some new thinking on this very interesting man who led a life very interesting. Ultimately, it occurred to me that if George Bush was your friend, you do not need a lot more friends - you were covered. Thank you for reading this review.