Buy Cheap Xbox 360 4GB Console with Kinect Review

The Xbox 360 with 4 GB KINECTS That would be the original arcade version have been, and it's definitely worth the price tag of $ 300.
10 new features of this model are:1. New Valhalla chip - we hope to improve the design to avoid RROD problem, but tech. Opinion noted that Jasper chip operates cooler in the old elite model2. Wireless N - is the latest standard WiFi, faster 12X (up to 600 Mbit / s) than WiFi G, you need a wireless router to access the N Max. Speed3. digital optical audio connection (if your audio system independent of your TV, you must get this full 5.1 Surround Sound)4. Flash memory 4 GB (though that 1.1 GB is used by the game, but 0.3 GB can be worked by the removal of 4 games-demos)5. 5 USB ports (2 front and 3 rear)6. (To avoid overheating) slim design, with side openings7. dedicated port for KINECTS with game demo (also $ 50 cheaper than buying separately KINECTS Xbox)8. only 1 year warranty (the only negative point, the elite models have 3 years old.)9. USB support (which was an Xbox software update released in April 2010)10. ESPN Video Streaming (will start if you're a Gold member, $ 50 / year. About November 2010, if available)
Slim 4 GB, 250 GB cons of hard disk:I bought the 4 GB of system memory from the model with 250 GB hard drive, since the Xbox now supports Scores / install / downloads and peak / audio / video downloads on USB flash drives. It supports USB 2.1 flash drive with 16.1 GB of memory (with a disc of 16 GB, 1.6 GB is used for formatting). Backup games and media to connect USB drives has been downloading games and media will be much faster (reading memory is faster than reading from hard drive) and reliability (Flash memory is not uncommon , unlike hard disks) are recommended, including the Xbox Live Director recommended to use USB for storage. If you are a huge appetite for downloading videos and demos of games that can not accommodate 32 GB, you can always return to upgrade the hard drive with 250 GB, which can be sold in November, noted that the Xbox hard drives earlier are not compatible with the slim models. Install Xbox 360 games and demos of games on flash drives is no problem; xbox will ask you which drive to install the game, but I can not see if you can install older games like Halo on the Xbox drive flash. The only Xbox game I have is "Halo 2" that does not resolve to install flash. This problem may be specific to Halo 2, because Xbox Live does not sell on Halo 2, Halo 2 is not supported without Xbox hard disk means. I suspect the older games is listed on the Xbox Live Flash installed, but if they are not listed, then you need an Xbox Hard Disk. It's annoying but not a big problem because it can be a couple of Xbox games and more, you want to play are.
Although the concept of natural body movements are translated into actions of character may seem intuitive, the implementation of this idea in many games game developer missed. Too much exercise fatigue, which are for the players, the player was repetitive, and complex motion can not be successfully identified by the auditors. I'll look for motion controller for the 3 systems below.
Usage InsightThe Wii has been very popular when it was released later due to its novelty, however, 4 years, innovations have just released Nintendo Wii game because of market share last year to lose. Move the PS3 is more accurate than the Wii since the move traces movement in 3-D space, while the Wii tracks movement in the 2-D space (2 dimensions of paper) and analyzed the data for movements 3-D interpretation. The globe of light on the Move PS3 looks cool at first, but the light is bright annoying sometimes, especially in a dark room. Both the Wii and PS3 motion controller are less integrated into the console navigation KINECTS and features than the Xbox. The KINECTS allows users to control the motion and gestures to navigate the menus, see, interact with avatars and play multimedia content. Winner: Xbox KINECTS.
Price comparison:The Wii system ($ 200) includes 3-controller (Wiimote, Nunchuck and more movement) needed for 1 player, but costs another $ 40-80 per player, depending on the accessories you buy. Move the PS3 costs $ 100 for 1 player and the Xbox KINECTS spending $ 150 for 2 players, but both are accessories, so they need the system to the original game. Also moving the PS3 needs more $ 50-100 per player, depending on the accessories you buy at the first Xbox supported 2 players, but it can take 6 players for future games. The three systems include the movement to present a game controller works. For 2 players, Wii is the cheapest and the PS3 is the most expensive, but if the Xbox supports 4 players (probably via an update in 1 year), it is less expensive than the Wii. Winner: Xbox KINECTS (assuming 4 + players).
Technical OverviewMotion detection is different in the three systems of play, the Wii uses micro-mechanical components such as accelerometers and gyroscopes and an infrared sensor. Move the PS3 uses an accelerometer, angular rate sensor and visual tracking of a globe LED light. While the Wii and PS3 Move using similar components, the PS3 has the advantage of his components have motion detection in three axes relative to the 2-axis sensor on the Wii, the PS3 has to calculate a position more powerful processor and distance. Instead of relying on micro-mechanical components, using the XBOX KINECTS a video camera, an infrared camera and a network of 4-microphone, which is common in the situation gesture, facial expression and speech recognition to monitoring up to 6 players. The disadvantage is that the PS3 and micromechanical components may be inaccurate motion detection, while the Xbox is a drawback that more treatment is needed to interpret the analysis of video and audio to the movement of players. While the PS3 is the clear winner of the Wii Move the success of the PS3 vs. Xbox KINECTS the ability of game developers to take action will depend on implementation. Overall, the Xbox KINECTS a slight advantage, because the movement of the Microsoft always be improved, while the PS3 controller is likely to remain unchanged as revisions of material are still expensive for the company and its winners users : KINECTS Xbox ....