EA Sports Active NFL Training Camp Review

Well, I've fallen a bit difficult, but I was satisfied with this game overall, I am certainly wrong today and I am in good physical condition and the use of the Wii to work on a little (my fitness coach the previous two games EA Sports Fitness, Gold's Gym Cardio, etc.).
I really do not know that this game went, I buy the new Wii Sports 2 game and it comes with a set of sensors and make needed a second set to 2 players (thanks, Nintendo does not sell, not the rest. .. ) so I thought what the heck, I'll try and NFL game at least I have another set of sensors. But honestly, it's very good.
I'm still not satisfied with the basic exercises. The delegates are a bit faster than the old EA Sports games, but lags a bit. Wii Sports 2 game, it's easy enough to use just weights, but this game seems like I really need the distance, so I decided for the group, I do not know how. Frankly, I will probably only stay away from this part of the game and do it with the upper part of the body of my fitness coach.
What makes this game good, but the cardio exercises and drill combination. You can use a training only from the forests to do and most are of course the kind of "barrier" and include segments for running, squats, and make football matches (boring quarterback, throw balls to receivers open while firing away .. from your feet . and my back is sore it!). Amd. because your brain to think something else, the drive seems to fly. The slots are extremely difficult to understand ... had some problems to see with my first and everyone had the video (and my husband was never able to work to this and had to jump from the year).
You still have the remote control a little bit (and you can imagine, therefore, at a football game), but at least there is no nunchuck cable bypass. And if you have a custom training, exercise alone, you will be working very hard (my average heart rate last night on a set of 11 minutes of exercise was 126, which I was happy) and 20 minutes to one this morning, I averaged 118th Watch your heart rate is very nice .. You can make your intensity so you work harder. It is difficult to increase unless you run make. But I think it's a pretty strong and would appeal to many.