Monopoly Electronic Banking Edition Review

This is great because you do not need no money anywhere in the world, but it takes time to give to all payments, etc. Now to be fair, there are only three of us playing at once, and it can make a difference. If there were to play a lot of people, or even a person comes to the banker and will not play, it would be better. They are still waiting for the banker in the values and the others is even slower reading time.

There is no real value of cash educational toy, because it appears to an ATM is more or less. You need to buy some calculations before deciding to property or to do an upgrade to more houses or hotels.

The real (and only) more of this game is that you do not have the money, and you do not have to count in the beginning or at the business end of the game. It was everything I expected when I bought the game when we are perfectly happy with it and make more room on the table. Value of money? Absolutely!