The Emotion Code Bradley Nelson Review

As with other complementary approaches to healing began to gain ground, many of us began to notice something strange.

Some conventional treatments that have worked well in the past often are today. By contrast, treatments that once worked only once in a while it became more stable.

In the past three decades have witnessed a long list of new forms of physical therapy and psychotherapy are successful Thought Field Therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique, Quantum-Touch, reconnecting, Tapas Acupressure Technique and Matrix Profile evaluation. Although there are some treatments that are based on new technologies, many of these new techniques seem to have been discovered rather than new inventions.

Doctors and therapists have pushed and prodding people for thousands of years. In exercising his powers of observation surprising. So it's unlikely that you would notice that someone touches it, or by applying the target might be an effective form of treatment. Unless these techniques have not worked in the past. With these new treatments and often very effective, is one reason to believe that the improvement of the law changes and evolves so we are changing and evolving as a species.

To this list of new therapies we now need to add "The Body Code" of which the Emotion Code is a part.

So what, exactly? Based on observations in his practice, Brad Nelson came to believe that a large amount of human suffering due to the negative emotional energies "have become" trapped "in us, more often around the heart, where they can create a "Heart-Wall" that can block our ability to give and receive love freely. Anyone who has done a lot of body saw something similar. Once I treated a woman with acupuncture. He had a special knot tender along the medial border of the scapula. It was like a miniature little difficult. Proved to be the signature left by an abusive ex-husband. As has been processed, the node has disappeared and with him many years of negative emotions out of it. This is precisely the kind of thing that Brad mentioned, but has developed a series of simple steps that almost anyone can try to help themselves, as a complement and not substitute for medical care.

Although there is a small amount of theory, it is essentially a self-help book to identify and treat blocked emotions. And it is this second part, "treat", which is unique. The main tools are muscle testing, magnets (refrigerator magnets even seem to work), and a willingness to listen to the answers that your body and your mind can give you

Although the techniques described in this fascinating book not yet been subjected to formal empirical study, I have four reasons to be excited about this new form of treatment:. The first theory is that the logic in perfect condition, is fully compatible with the results enabled a number of areas of "energy medicine" often more accurately referred to as "medical information."

The second is that there is already an impressive number of people who have been helped by technology.

Third, I saw the author and his wife using the technique on an individual basis, and could easily see the flow of energy and the positive impact it had on the "patient."

Fourth, the author himself. I spent many years as a "quack buster" and I'm good enough to sniff the real and ahem, less. Brad Nelson is intelligent, educated and a headliner for the integrity and compassion. He discovered things he has reason to his humility and willingness to listen to his patients and listen to their responses - and the universe - has been given him.