Camco 58031 RV Olympian Propane Camp Fire Review

Just be there a week ago, we used it on the deck with a 20 #. I bought an adapter from the North tools to go # 1 little thought To do this Keep your little tank above the liquid and come in the controller and the gel. I use a database from a simple stove to keep the tank.

This is a fun addition to our RV. Campground, RV Park and many do not open fire. Always a disappointment for us because we love to sit around a natural campfire. It's always fun to roast hot dogs and marshmallows. It is when we leave this home in a small can. The device is small with some artificial, but natural-looking logs like a gas fireplace in your home. Simply release the three locks, adjust newspapers, although we found that newspapers did not correspond well with holes and pegs that were on them, but it makes little difference how you stocked these newspapers on the bottom. You can then relax in the gas tube that surrounds the tripod, the pit and attached to your hand to a propane tank that you can put up to eight feet away. The device is mainly for the atmosphere. It is a little hot, but it will not keep you warm on a cold night. And we miss the crackling of the wood. (You can connect your I-pod and play sounds in a fire). The unit works great together. You can adjust the flame from the bottom up, but the higher you go, more hissing propane. We found that fire was a good way. We bought a small bag of rock wool and put some small pieces of wood to look extra hot coals. You may be able to cook a hot dog, but we choose not to because it looks cool would be a mess of logs and they do not look easy to clean. Overall, I think it's a great idea and it works well. Remember that you'll have to take a propane tank booster, even with an adapter, I do not think it would be long-term small tanks.

We take it to Myrtle Beach next week and can not wait to be used for the children love it. I have not burned enough times in the GT container. But I think it is 4-6, and the flame. This is not the whole of his or make noise, and should burn less gas