Nesco/American Harvest FD-80 Square-Shaped Dehydrator Review

This dryer is great. I had the camera for almost a month now. So far I have 20 pounds of dried "eye of round" for jerky. The recipe I used is Recipezaar (can not post URL), number 161262 in the recipe (slightly modified to my taste as I added about 1 teaspoon of onion powder and liquid smoke cut by about 25%). In fact, I just made 10 of 20 pounds yesterday. I also dehydrated cantaloupe, sliced kiwi, strawberries, grapes (come off as plump and juicy raisins), limes, oranges (it was more an experiment), slices of banana and watermelon (now that was interesting ... sweet like candy) But back to crawling.

I also have two add-on trays (two trays per person). It dries well, all eight trays. Do not turn the tray half way through, but I'm not sure I really want. As if to say that the trays are top shelf dishwasher safe, but it will limit my dishwasher only two trays for loading, so I will be off the top dishwasher rack and trays vertically in the lower basket. I have all eight trays and the fund should be a dishwasher at a time. I thought my water heater is only set to 125 degrees and I will dry to 165 shots, so the trays should be no problem. Just make sure to remove all the domestic water heating and a dishwasher, I have to make sure that you remove the heated drying (dry use). I had the washer to stop waiting, take the trays and Shake It Off Stack, switch the power on her head and drive it 125 for 30 minutes. Everything nice, clean and dry.

Now for the trick Nesco not make me want to share:) of fruit, you really need to use cleaning screens, but at $ 8 for a couple, you spend $ 32.00 (plus shipping and port) to have enough for all 8 dishes. I went to my local craft store (you know the one owned by Michael's) and bought 16 sheets of plastic mesh embroidery (7 square mesh), which were 14" x 10" (used to make these Kleenex ugly square plate). Take two sheets per tray and cut yourself with the kitchen scissors. At the same time put a stop on the long side, then cut the perimeter of installing the tank and cut the hole (1 / 2 hole in each sheet where Linda) for the center, then put the two pieces in tray . Leaves were $ 0.33 each for 16 sheets are $ 5.28 and a little time to cut. Actually no need for melon, but I would still cleaning up the kiwi and bananas on the shelves if they have not used. I throw them in the dishwasher with the hills and just run the whole load at once. Overall, it was a great buy and I'm glad I got it.