Presto 07030 Cool Touch 20-Inch Electric Griddle Review

I bought this board for yakiniku, which is a good way to entertain guests, but I realized I was using much more than expected.


It is good to have a hot plate in the kitchen. First and foremost, it's great to be able to make more than one or two pancakes at once. If you want to save a person from a short stack, there are many waiting with only two plates, but you can start with three good-sized cakes at the same time. In addition, fried eggs and warm flesh at the same time saved me a lot of time in the morning.

It is easy to clean. If you read the manual, which suggests seasoning before use. This ensures a light coat of oil on while you use. I did and nothing has stuck to the surface. I also give a full body exfoliation, either with a paper towel or a damp place with a toothpick after every use and is very clean.

It heats up fast! Off faster than the top and the pan, which also saves me time in the morning. This is mainly due to a slight, but can also contribute to the UN, even heating, I have not had a problem, but others have.

Its just more fun. Maybe this will help me to live in a time lost in fantasies short order cook?


As other reviewers have pointed out, it slides a little. I find myself up a bit from side to keep both in place and also to give the tip more likely to fall below an egg without breaking it. This is not to compensate the leading edge, but the rubber feet would have been good here.

Tends to be very hot. The manual is cooking temperatures, but I found most of them to be a little high. Cold cook some more things helped me. Again, this can be attributed to the problems of others.

The key is that you get what you pay for. This is one of the cheaper models on the market, so I think it would be unrealistic to assume that the call option would be to provide high-end performance-. I had zero problems with mine so far, but I recognize that he clearly room for improvement. I want to spend more than $ 30 for a small kitchen appliance, I'll be completely satisfied with this product.