Syma S107 R/C Helicopter with Built-in Gyroscope Remote Review

Syma S107 R/C Helicopter with Built-in Gyroscope Remote
I purchased this unique style of R/C Helicopter as a consequence of some other reviews saying just how good the control and good the grade of the aircraft.

The control in addition to handling is incredibly good. This is certainly my 3rd R/C helicopter and also Very first dual prop helicopter. My children can easily fly it not having crashing (once they have a hang of controlling prop speed without dropping it just like a brick when it gets too high). I could easily maneuver into tight spots and hover into position. Landing is simple. With single prop helicopters it's actually a challenge in order to remain in the air and avoid walls.

The construction is quite poor. The meta parts seem fine. The plastic is just not as sturdy as other brand r/c toys and also a couple small crashes damaged the propellers in the first few flights. Several flights later the rear "landing" plastic was damaged. Replacement pieces usually are not expensive but shipping them is frequently over 2x the price of the part.

Battery Life:
The helicopter runs the 7 to 10 minutes needlessly to say. Nonetheless it requires 50 MINUTES to charge. This is very very disappointing. Other similar helicopters charge in 10 minutes.

I gave it 3 stars for the reason that control seems so excellent. Next time I'll try another brand.