GU Energy Gel: Mint Chocolate Review

GU Energy Gel: Mint Chocolate
Ok, listen to me. GU is different than others, so this could be useful or not. I was a rider who fell into the train for about a decade. I gained like 70 pounds and it was beautiful. I decided to return it, with a reduced calorie diet 1500 by all the operation and I could handle. Lost over 50 pounds so far. The problem is trying to run every day but on a reduced calorie food 1500 per day and is sometimes very difficult to implement are pathetic.

I started before I stay on the JV-calorie diet ((mine is about 3 miles now/15 miles per week), which is closer to 1,700 calories per day, now that I am "approach"weight target). The joint venture not only charges me big time before the race (a big problem with living in calories), it holds the power when running properly. I burn about 500 calories in one place all day if I have the 100, which I count as a gift from JV:)
If your a low calorie diet and have difficulty with the body just does not produce enough everything to you is to try EM. It's 100 calories that you can easily absorb the extra effort to get to you in jogging. I'm not running marathons, and I'm not an "athlete". GU, but not for me, big time.

You can always half a pack and 50 calories .. Start with that and expect a little stomach upset the first time your body is used. Much water as others have said. Anything that can make weight loss and walking a little easier to praise .. although this is not the original intention of the product.