Haier HLT10 10-Inch Handheld TV Review

Haier HLT10 10-Inch Handheld TV
The HD picture is clear and bright, surprisingly good for a TV of this size. The black levels are better than I expected. Since the ratio of the screen is a bit strange - it's 16:10 (not 16:9). The screen is matte / non-reflection. The casing has a rubbery skin soft.
The digital tuner is capable of this TV-QAM, and I discovered that it stores and remembers the Over-The-Air (OTA) channel card and the card cable channel separately, which is really convenient. I can cable TWC right wall to connect and see all my local channels QAM "HD" cable and analog cable channels, then when I take him to the garage and plug it into my UHF / VHF rooftop antenna wire, I just go into the menu and change the channel setting, the antenna cable into the air and previously saved card OTA channels are available. When I bring him home and the cable to the back wall, I'm in the same menu and return to cable and have all my QAM channels will be available. When you change sources on almost all other large and small LCD TVs and plasma, you must re-scanning for channels and sources of any change will take a few minutes. But with this TV it is done with a single antenna mode, quick change. To define the modes of the two tuners, connect it with a good antenna, turn off the TV in AIR and run a scan for OTA channels. Then, for cable TV, connect it to your feed cable from the wall, put the TV in CABLE mode and run one of your cable channels.
The Channel menu has a Show / Hide setting where you can enable or disable one of the channels of cable or OTA, which have been digitized in the receiver.
You can direct the channel number using the numeric keys and the hyphen (-) button on the remote you directly to that channel (7.1 or 4.2 for example). Do not press Enter after it does not change the channel.
I can delete channels from the "favorites" list, disable the configuration menu and do not set the TV to them when I press the CH + / CH-button, but when I enter the number of direct channel TV Remote Control to this rule is "disabled" channel.
The Settings menu of the image does not have a temperature setting of color, but I discovered in the Options menu, so you do not frighten hidden. There is a choice of cold, plain or hot. Normal looks best for me.
The remote is a nice unit complete with real keys and takes two AAA batteries. Many other small LCD TVs have a cheap apartment type of credit card distance, where the membrane to crack "keys" and over time. It has a zoom button that gives you the choice of full or normal. Both modes are available for all channels, so you always choose the right format for SD and HD programs. See the photo of the remote control has all of the key is to see.
The signal meter antenna is very simple and with various other information when you press the INFO button on the remote control. It was not a range, or any type of power bar - the only information he gives is bad or normal or good. If the receiver is normal, there are some macro blocking and digital screen freezing, so they should have marked this place FAIR.
It has a built-mounted folding easel with two parameters, solder-back, and it also comes with a pretty removable, adjustable pedestal base oval base, on the back of the TV.
It is not in a TV A / V d entry (this cable is an audio / video adapter with male yellow / red / white RCA plugs on one end and a male 3.5 A / V plug at the other end of the stick as in the product data in different locations such a nice surprise, it was found listed in the box included).

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Aspect ratio of the screen is actually 4.10 Clock, 4.09 clock not like a normal widescreen TV. Round, it looks a little oval, and the people look a little thin they really are (in comparison to how they usually look at my various plasma and LCD clock 16.09). Slightly irritating.
Has no bass or treble in the Audio menu, but the sound is decent and acceptable, which for a small television.
Although I can not get skin tones look very closely, they are close enough for occasional viewing and do not look horrible or anything. Different channels look more closely than the others.
The basic analog cable channels does not seem very good, but that's to be expected on a video monitor. But the SD programming on digital channels looks pretty good. HD is great but ..... except for that thing 04.10 Clock
There are no VESA mounting holes on the back or other means for attaching a wall mount this TV.
The supplied antenna is virtually useless if you are really close to radio towers should not expect much from it. I'm 29 miles from the towers on the mountain. Wilson and the antenna can not just one thing - and I can see the towers on the mountain. The TV must be on cable or antenna to a good interior and roof are connected. Some digital channels here in Los Angeles on FM, but most on the UHF band. Television is a perfect signal from my rooftop antenna on all channels.
Be very careful when you use the plastic wrap, remove the screen cover. It's a bit hidden under the edge of the seat, and if you pull straight (like me), it leaves fixed many small pieces of the film at the edges of the screen. I had to very carefully a few dozen pieces with my needle point tweezers.