Hasbro Scribblish Review

Hasbro Scribblish
I played a bit to be a party and the called Picto-Phone (Pictionary-phone). The premise is that someone comes with a set that is drawn (Scribblish: You set the drag on the map), in the sentence, then gets passed on to the next person to interpret the drawing. The person who manages to guess the phrase from the second person, and all along the line, alternately drawing and interpretation of the drawing.

It can be really funny! The addition of the timer, it's more fun and difficult - if you have 30 seconds to pull something. It's amazing what you are ... for example, "Wish Upon a Star" was "Roses in the Garden" after passing through 6 people.

It's really fun, and can be fun for small children to adults. The rules are simple to understand and follow, which is great for all age groups or for large parties. Even those of us not gifted artistically and can still benefit from Scribblish!