Cranium Whoonu Tin Edition Review

Cranium Whoonu Tin Edition
Our house of 4 (we have two boys 12 & 8) initially played this game while residing in a resort enabling you to take a look at games. We played this and Ziggity, also by Cranium. We ended up being buying both.

Every single participant, other than the Whoozit (everyone will take turns becoming the Whoozit), draws a specific amount of cards. They pick one card off their hand they consider the Whoozit prefers the best and inserts that card inside a sleeve. The Whoozit will take all cards in the sleeve and ranks the cards in order of the preference and points are assigned to every participant in line with the standing.

The advantages for this game are:
* rounds tend to be short - it does not take lengthy to play, but you can always play additional rounds to keep the fun

* it's not hard to get onto, rendering it suitable for all ages (given younger kids can browse the cards). I guess a non-reading kid might even play with several guidance, but we have not experimented with it.

* there's a wide selection of topics around the cards - things one may not think about also it may just ignite a number of chat!

The disadvantages are: NOTHING!

My mom and dad came over yesterday and enjoyed this particular game with our family (there were 6 people, which is the utmost amount of players). Normally we cannot encourage them to play games around, but this one drew all of them in. It had been simple to implement and amusing at the same time. I recommend this particular game.