Supreme Commander 2 Review

Supreme Commander 2
Overall, this is a good iteration of the RTS on the console. Even though the controls aren't ideal, they are good, and after working with them in a half hour or so you will find them second nature. There are several minor things in the control scheme I would really like to find out, but in general you can play the game without fighting the controls.

The story isn't fantastic, but a small number of people play an RTS video game for the story. The actual graphics are good, and the game retains the 'strategic zoom' features which allows you to zoom all the way in to watch individual units carry out battle, or zoom completely out to a strategic degree where all units are symbolized by icons.

Unlike the first iteration of this video game on Xbox, which was basically unplayable, this version runs very well. There might be some slowdown once the battles get really large, but overall the frame rate seems acceptable.

The gameplay has been simplified somewhat from the first game, which I think is good. I am aware some people, particularly on the PC side, are upset over this, but I really think it makes for an even more streamlined game.

Overall, if you are looking for a good RTS to play on your console, give Supreme Commander 2 a try.