The History Channel Presents The Revolution Review

The History Channel Presents The Revolution
A great study of the American Revolutionary War from the History Channel. Consists of interviews with historians, battlefield maps and examinations of troop motions, letters through the battlefields, and also actor portrayals of combat as well as historical figures.

The Revolution begins with the examinations of the reason behind the revolution, like colonial resentment of taxes levied following the Seven Years' War with no representation. It follows this from the forging of the Declaration of Independence and the combat of the Revolutionary War. It finishes up with all the difficulties facing the country following the battle.

I don't even think I had put together an effective enough realization in school with how hard times had been for all these soldiers while they waged battle. This particular video explores detail with all the difficult supply lines that plagued Washington's army, the heavy desertion and also mutiny (which Washington clamped down on with some incredible tactics), and the many failed combat that happened in the very first couple of years of the Revolutionary War. It covers internal conflicts between such characters as Horatio Gates and also George Washington.

Moreover discussed are Benjamin Franklin's attempts in France to hire the French navy as well as John Paul Jone's foray straight into Britain and also Ireland.

The very first half of the series addresses the fights in the north and also the remaining few episodes focus on how the combat move south straight into Savannah, the back woodlands of the Carolinas, and lastly Yorktown.

One trouble along with the series is which they have a tendency to reuse the interviews along with footage throughout.

USA history textbooks usually lionize the founding fathers, however this particular series (and publications such as the Founding Brothers) show precisely how not one of these persons was perfect, and shows their particular mistakes along with their strengths. I came away with this particular series (which I downloaded from iTunes, BTW) which includes a significantly better understanding of the Revolutionary War.