National Geographic: Great Migrations Blu-ray Review

National Geographic: Great Migrations Blu-ray
The image, audio and photography are very spectacular, however the editing ruins it for me. Unlike the BBC nature research, in which stories are usually shown in a logical time period, NG have chosen to present their stories in cocktail bites within an ad-hoc style. This really is intensely annoying as you is merely getting enthusiastic about an animal's struggle once the scene all of a sudden advances somewhere very different. There isn't any solution to view the entire picture, one should just wait for the subsequent bit to show up elsewhere later.

The narration isn't well crafted within my perspective and it is not helped with a somewhat pompous presentation. The credits are yet another oddity: so fast they can't be read without regularly making use of the pause button. There isn't any point whatsoever to present data this way.

This a seriously unsatisfying release. So beautifully photographed though so stupidly come up with. I strongly suggest renting or see it on the local NG channel prior to buying. If you're able to stomach this hodge podge of wild life cocktail sticks then do it now.