Step2 LifeStyle Custom Kitchen Review

Step2 LifeStyle Custom Kitchen
I purchased this particular kitchen for my four year old daughter this past year. I looked over several kitchens prior to buying this one. I desired a tough plastic kitchen which was full-size which had a fridge, drawers, and cooker. This one fit the bill and also was $100 lower than much the same ones.

My daughter greatly enjoys having fun with this. She is had fun with it on a regular basis since we bought it. She makes a variety of dishes and serves these to both my husband along with me. It includes some flatware, dishes as well as cups. I do not remember if it was included with any food, but we have purchased a couple of pieces of food since. Therefore, with all the food we bought, she makes pizza, cuts fruits and vegetables, serves sushi, cakes, and many others. Sometimes she "makes" several very weird combination, but has a grand time performing it!

One reviewer depicted discomfort with this particular purchase and stated his concern with the kitchen tipping over on his kid. I used to possess a identical kitchen when my older daughter was much younger. We set that one in a carpeted room and it is true-- it had been unstable despite the fact that that kitchen was regarded as top quality. This one, on the other hand, we've in our own kitchen and it is very steady on our hard floor. I would suggest putting this stuff on tile or wood instead of carpet for that very reason. The counters along with main framework consists of extremely durable plastic. The fridge, oven, along with microwave doors are made of the thinner, much less durable plastic.

Overall, despite the fact that my husband wishes we're able to get rid of it already, my daughter likes this even now. She definitely goes over to it at least one time per day, usually more, and plays around with several part of it every single day whether the pans and pots, foods, or phone.