Acqua DC-1231B Digital Still Camera with Waterproof Case Review

Acqua DC-1231B Digital Still Camera with Waterproof Case
Wanted an Underwater digital camera for the vacation to Hawaii. An underwater case for my digital camera ended up being $300+. I have used the reusable underwater film camera's these people offer in every the stores in Hawaii for $12, but it is $25 to produce them. I took an opportunity with this one and I has been pleased, not delighted but VERY pleased with the $$ spent.

The display screen is hard to see underwater; both snorkeling and scuba diving. The recharge on the flash is sluggish enough that you do not want to work with it. The lens speed causes it to be complicated to take a picture without blur since you are moving (wave and current action) within the water while you take the picture. Great photos at 15ft and above for color if you're able to hold yourself fairly still. You'll need a strobe much beyond which they tell me.

I am going back next year with family members and am considering buying each one of the family members one such. It is great amusement to load the photos on your personal computer at night and relive your adventure of the day. I probably took 300 photos and acquired 50 great ones. I am OK with that. The movies it took were really darn great for the purchase price paid as well. Overall, if you are not planning to spend $300+ on a low end underwater digital camera or case, this can be a GREAT choice.