Dood's Big Adventure - Udraw Review

Dood's Big Adventure - Udraw
This game is a very interesting concept that highlights what the uDraw tablet can do in gameplay. The concept is fairly simple, the characters are simply blank slates that you color and give personality to and you have to guide them through a multitude of 2D levels. There are four different games each with many levels and each game has a different way of maneuvering the characters; in one, you draw trampolines and rubber bands to sling your "Dood", in another your "Dood" has become a balloon and you use a fan to blow him in the direction that you want while in another your character is a ball that you roll through by tilting the tablet and using it as an accelerometer.

Creativity is a must to play this game, as you get to design not only your character, but also what the hazards, background objects and obstacles look like.

I deducted a star from the overall gameplay because the concept is so new that the learning curve at times feels steep. Compared to other uDraw tablet games, this one is more difficult, in part because your hands are working in one area (the tablet) while your eyes are focused on the TV. Again, this is a matter of creativity and thinking outside the box. The plus is that the game is so addictive that even in the areas where you get stuck, you tend to persevere to break through.