Logitech Wireless Keyboard K340 Review

Logitech Wireless Keyboard K340
Simply ideal! This particular substituted my Kensington SlimBlade Media Set (Software wants IMPROVEMENT) and Logitech DiNovo Win Keyboard (Compact however TOO HEAVY).
Up to now this is my personal favorite compact keyboard right now compare to my various other compact keyboards that I used in the past (Kensington SlimBlade Media Set, DiNovo Window & DiNovo Media Desktop), this one is incredibly light, small and I especially like the deep red orange streaks behind the keys, it gives it a really unobtrusive attractive gleam. I am not a heavy typist therefore i got all the keys which i need, despite the fact that using it with Photoshop, several of the key locations requires getting use to, however its small compromise, the complete incorporated number pad is a plus.

Small & light with a complete number keypad.
Light yet looks & feels perfectly made.
Whenever typing the keys, it seems like an actual keyboard (Not Laptop like)
Nice Soft Edges all over
Deep Red Orange Streaks in back of the keys is extremely slick and conceal all of the dust & dirt much better compare to black.
On & off switch is a nice addition
Compact small receiver
Unifying receiver is a plus (Still need to try)
Battery Life (Still too soon to know)
Good SetPoint software to personalize keys & Settings (Much Much Superior to Kensington)

Shiny Black finish is good but it is thumb prints magnet (but simple to clean LOL)
Unifying receiver doesn't work with my old beloved computer mouse ( MX 1100 & MX Revolution)
Some key location requires getting use to.

Bottom line:
Logitech made it happen again, for the price, it is a great small wireless keyboard, unifying receiver is a great feature yet doesn't work with older computer mouse & products. For the heavy typist, I would recommend give it a try first before buying one.