Creative D100 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Review

Creative D100 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker
I wanted speakers that offered ideal music processing, which were portable and user friendly, and can connect via wireless Bluetooth to a cell phone (Motorola Droid) as well as iPad tablet. I was also searching for something I can give as a gift to somebody who would value the same capabilities but who doesn't have all the persistence as I do to make this stuff do the job. The Creative D100 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is ideal for our desires. As one reviewer pointed out, the Creative D100 is light-weight and also easy to unplug and move from place to place. It has a battery choice too, but I have not used it with electric batteries yet.

The one-time Bluetooth pairing startup is easy. All you have to know before you start is how to instruct your audio gadget (phone, laptop or computer, apple ipad, etc. ) to scan for and 'pair' with various other Bluetooth gadgets. The others is included inside the Creative D100 guidelines. Switch on the Creative D100 (turn on the on / off switch on the back side), make the D100 'discoverable' (press plus hold the Bluetooth 'pairing' key on the front side), switch on the Bluetooth feature on your audio gadget and start scanning for some other Wireless bluetooth units, and presto, it'll pair and get connected to the Creative D100. For many who will be using the music player on their cell phone and are worried about getting phone calls while enjoying music, I came across that when using my Motorola Droid (Android OS v2. 2), the audio will connect via 'media audio' to the Creative D100 while 'phone audio' maps on their own to my Plantronics Voyager Pro headset. Awesome: )

Do not assume this speakers to make the wall space, rooftop, and windows tremble, despite the fact that at 3/4 volume the audio fills my 20' x 20' family room area quite beautifully with Christmas jazz at a pleasing, undistorted level. It is great inside the master suite and also inside my home office as well. But if you are searching for bass that you could sense in your gut, that is not what the particular Creative D100 was created to do. You might want to test out speaker positioning as I did. I discovered that the audio was improved by relocating the speaker from an open area on a table to a shelf within an amusement center exactly where it had been partially enclosed. I am not much of a sound engineer, but my speculation is the fact that shelf positioning that kind of surrounds the device helps the functionality of the rear speaker interface on the Creative D100, assisting to capture and direct the audio for the listener. I also tried the Bluetooth range by positioning the speaker inside the family room and relocating my cell phone (and iPad) to a bed room down the hall, perhaps 25-30 feet from the particular speaker. I was amazed that there was simply no device-to-speaker signal loss all evening no matter which audio device was linked. I am extremely pleased. I got a black one for me personally, plus a pink one to give as a Christmas present.