Sylvania SYNET7LP 7-Inch Mini Tablet Review

Sylvania SYNET7LP 7-Inch Mini Tablet
I bought the Sylvania mini tablet in December 2010, however it features a better processor compared to the Augen tablet.

Android 2. 1 was optimized for smartphones with more compact screens, and it is not optimized for tablet devices. The Sylvania mini tablet are able to do these:

1) Comes with an accelerometer, but you may also use a setting to manual adjust the screen orientation.
2) Can only use 16GB micro SD cards or lesser. The box even claims 16GB micro SD cards, instead of 32GB micro SD cards.
3) Use the stylus rather than your finger, that is because of the problems of Android 2. 1 on a tablet device.
4) Includes a pre-installed music application and a picture/video application.
5) If you enable the third party install option, these applications work with no problem: Angry Birds, Kindle, ASTRO File Manager, and Flash 10. 1. I have difficulties with the ComiXology application.
6) Device has WiFi for web browsing, e-mail, and other applications that need it.
7) Two web browsers were installed, where links default to Skyfire rather than the Android brower. Skyfire does not like dealing with airport WiFi or other WiFi that needs an approval sign-in.

Generally speaking, the product works as my eReader, music player, and video player. If that is what you look for, then this tablet is for you. If you'd like an iPad, wait till the better tablets from CES 2011 are introduced.