Microsoft AutoRoute 2010 Review

Microsoft AutoRoute 2010
We take a trip frequently to Europe on holidays. For many years my wife disliked becoming the "navigator" with paper roadmaps. Like a lot of couples having a wife as navigator which ended in some quarrels and problems when on the highway. Then, we started taking a laptop computer on our journeys, packed with AutoRoute.
Both of us liked it, not merely for use within the car, but being an excellent trip arranging application. We've an OEM car Navigation system on one of our cars in the home, but there isn't any comparison with AutoRoute on our laptop computer. That OEM Global positioning system featuring its little display and minimal functionality is FINE for typical use throughout the UNITED STATES, but AutoRoute in Europe and Streets and Journeys in the united states sets that GPS SYSTEM to failure in all values.

When it shown up that Microsoft had discontinued creating AutoRoute and was no more providing updated data, we were both equally dissatisfied. We settled to remain using our 2008 edition of AutoRoute as long as probable. Now, we've a brand new 2010 edition. My wife is incredibly pleased, and happy with the improvements which have been integrated. So am I. It is a fantastic product for assisting journeys to Europe; particularly, for individuals like us who would rather take a trip around in rental cars!