Bolle Anaconda Sunglasses Review

Bolle Anaconda Sunglasses
I found these glasses in a gold pack special at ~$70 off. If I did not like them I can always return them.

I was actually surprised with the quality of these sunglasses. My $220 Maui Jim's fell to the floor then one of the lenses had a chip which progressed into a giant crack. I really did not wish to spend much on something so vulnerable.

The Bolle's are wonderful. The polarization is right on target. Once you tilt your head left and right you do not get excessive changes in polarization which may be distracting with other brands.

They arrived shipped in a nice firm case with cleaning small cloth.

I will say they sit near to the face, that i like. It keeps the most of sun away from your eyes. Those of you luckily enough to have extra long eyelashes might want to try out these first.

Overall, I am pretty pleased.