Ceton Infinitv4 Digital Cable Quad-tuner Card Review

Ceton Infinitv4 Digital Cable Quad-tuner Card
I built an HTPC few years ago.  In the moment, the best choice to have HDTV in Windows Media Center was use an HDHomerun tuner.  Yes, CableCard was available for HTPCs in 2007, but you needed to purchase a system from an OEM manufacturer and it also cost way too much dollars.

Fast forward to 2010.  I had been among the first people to have one of these cards.  I need to say, the only thing that hurt my experience was Comcast.
Without question, this card is incredible!  It is SIMPLE to install the card.  Further, supposing you have a cable technician that have any experience, it is easy to set up in Windows Media Center.

Simply put, this card does its job.  No, I do not get On Demand or Pay Per View (probably if I call the cable co., but not via my remote).  However,  what I do get is a tuner that records four shows at one time properly.

Ceton's customer support is unparalleled.  When I reported the issue Comcast was causing, they contacted a Comcast engineer in Manhattan who repaired everything.  All of this was done without question and without fail.  They also have quick response times.

Yes, the card is absolutely not cheap.  Having said that, look at it as an investment.   This is an investment in good mental health as there are no longer battles over what will get recorded.  It truly is an investment in technology because my system could do things that a standard cable box couldn't perform.

I NEVER write product critiques.  Period.  This product, however, is amazing.