Veebeam HD | Wireless PC to TV link | 1080p Review

Just got my Veebeam this week, and this is a pretty addictive I must say. Install is fairly simple and the main point of going to TV (HDMI in my case), and you can also connect to an audio system, if you have one. PC side, just install the client. use case is rather impressive, because all you need to put only the dongle to your computer and turn on the TV. PC turn immediately begin to emulate a wireless television and wireless USB a little 'magic ...

What is really interesting is that it has a game mode where you can select a video file of your wireless laptop and play on your TV as you can always email or on your laptop!

I must say I was skeptical about the video quality, but after trying it, I'm sold. I tried some 720p files action films and it feels like watching a Blu-Ray movies on my TV, even if the signal is actually transmitted wirelessly from my laptop to the TV. I tried streaming HD over WiFi and it's a real pain ... it fixed!

In short: If you have a lot of movies and TV shows recorded on your laptop or external hard drive and do not want to get under your TV to connect a HDMI cable or other ... Is the product for you.