Logitech THX-Certified Speaker System Z623 Review

Logitech THX-Certified Speaker System Z623
I like listening to music and watch movies on your PC, but I always relied on relatively cheap speakers (or even my laptop speakers) to give my vote. I ordered the speakers and with my music and videos "to the next level" and see if these speakers would sound clear and rich and I'm looking forward to the most expensive system and stereo speakers.

Here is my positive and negative criticism to the speaker system Logitech Z623.


- The subwoofer is huge and gives a beautiful rich bass sound. I am amazed by the power and clarity of the bass.

- Speakers may seem a bit ', but produce a large and rich sound, vibration or very little feedback.

- Sound quality and clarity is awesome. When I heard my favorite songs, I heard the sounds and instruments I had never heard before. Watching movies with these speakers has opened a totally new sound experience (and large)!

- To test the power of unity, I turned the volume at full power (with the volume of equipment in total) and the sound was almost perfect. I heard a knock or comments. These speakers are high enough, and certainly loud enough for what I need.


- The cables are a bit short, but not too short to be boring.

- The unit is large (the entire set weighs about 22 kg). This means moving the speakers and the subwoofer is a bit 'difficult. I am used to move the speakers around my laptop. I really can not do these speakers.

In general, this is a great speaker system, and I'm glad I upgraded from the cheap speakers. So far I did not know what I missed with less expensive speakers. I will use these speakers when I'm watching a video, listen to music or play games. Their sound was rich and powerful from my computer into a powerful stereo system (I have a party just for show!). If you want to take your music to the next level, these speakers are for you.