Xbox 360 Sharkoon X-Tatic SX Stereo Gaming Headset Review

Xbox 360 Sharkoon X-Tatic SX Stereo Gaming Headset
I am just playing Call of Duty Black Ops currently (Prestige 7) and I were running a set of Sony cans for playing at nighttime but it really is basically not possible to use the traditional one ear standard headset using the standard headphone cans. I started looking at PC headsets but they pretty much all suck or doesn't work well for Xbox 360. I discovered these while they were on promotion and decided to give them a try. Instantly I discovered the build and more importantly the comfort of wearing these to be pretty exceptional. I can easily use these all the time without them bothering my ears.

I am not planning to argue they are the best sounding headphones ever... but I do consider they are quite good. the powered base definitely will give you the sensation that you're right in the middle of the action and I was astonished just how much they improved my gaming as i could all of the sudden hear nearing footsteps with great clarity. Now I do not even bother fiddling with speakers ever again. This headset comes with an incredibly long and hard cable also it can be applied for just about any game console or personal computer. It has a volume control module with separate sliders for game and headset chat volume as well as a microphone mute button. The microphone is also detachable if you don't want to use it. It has a chat cable to connect with your controller. I would have favored if they came with a cable which was suitable for the chat pad however i could choose one up at radio shack.