Plantronics GameCom 367 Closed-Ear Gaming Headset Review

Plantronics GameCom 367 Closed-Ear Gaming Headset
Picked these up a month or so ago since my roomates and voice-chat pals got sick and tired of my speakers, heh. They're not the BEST headphones I've ever had because the volume control doesn't appear to scale linearly as the knob would indicate: 1 - 20%, 2 - 40%, 3 - 60%, etc., but ends up being more like 1 - 0%, 2 - 50%, 3 - 90%, then between 4 and 5 is a negligible difference. The quality of sound is just acceptable for the price, for sure, however the bass is just a bit missing, even if you use audio enhancements/equalizers to amplify the ratio, it still doesn't come through very cleanly.

A lot of the issues with my past highly-priced headset has been the quality of the build, and exactly how rapidly they break. These things are built solid, probably the sturdiest Plantronics set I have ever owned. THICK cable to as well as from the computer, and the volume/mic control housing is built like a brick shithouse so if you're like me you could fidget with it all day/night.

As far as comfort goes, the padding is extraordinary. Be warned though if you have an exceedingly large head. I'm 6'2" with one of those fat baby heads so after a few hours of wearing these I could feel the pressure a little strongly. It takes some shift.

Again, cannot actually be beat for how much you're spending on them, if you are obtaining that $25 sale price. For $60, this would have an entirely different tone. :)