Logitech Wireless Desktop MK710 Review

Logitech Wireless Desktop MK710
Initially i discovering this set at a local Staples store display. I tried the keys and the mouse, then I could tell that I desired one. The keyboard is very low profile, although not low enough to me too mushy. It uses the solid tactile feedback typical of a Logitech set. I also enjoy how quiet the keyboard as well as mouse were. On my two previous sets, one had a loud keyboard along with a calm mouse, and the other had a quiet keyboard and a loud mouse. On the MK710, both the keyboard and the mouse are splendidly muted. The wrist pad on the keyboard is a very good impress,  although the point at which it is widest is a bit out of the ordinary, as it leaves one wrist much more a bit supported in comparison to the other. It still feels cozy once you adjust to it, but having both wrists held up similarly will have been great.

The keyboard has some pleasant function keys and a LCD display that shows the status of the battery, caps lock, num lock, and mute. The LCD is not back-lit, so it can be tough to see in some cases, this really is reasonable to conserve battery longevity. It is also little,  however. There are not a lot of customizable keys on the keyboard, and that is ok, however since the price is so high, I would expect to see more programmable functions to justify the sticker price. The keyboard comes with two sets of changeable legs, but they are pretty slim and are not the sturdiest I have seen. Still they actually provide two different heights for the keyboard.

The mouse is nice, though it is for right-handed users only. It includes two side buttons nearby the top that default to the back plus forward functions, along with a third button placed oddly towards the lower edge of the left side of the mouse. That is by default the program switcher button, which happens to be usable, but in a really strange place. All it takes is a little learning curve to press it unfailingly. The mouse tracks well as well as clicks very silently, and is not too large. It has a metal scroll wheel that offers four way tilt scrolling as well as a handy feature called Hyperscrolling.  Basically, you can find button right beneath the scroll wheel that you push to enable traditional "click" scrolling when you need precision or smooth Hyperscrolling when you want speed. The mechanism is solid as well as works easily.

The only concern which i had with this device was the SetPoint application. The set can be used without installing drivers, although the customizable features of the set is only going to work with the SetPoint drivers. The drivers that are included with the set are hopelessly obsolete,  especially if you are using Windows 7 64bit. Please do yourself a favor if you happen to own this set and go straight to the Logitech website and download the latest drivers from there. Don't waste time installing the drivers from the CD, only to find they make some of your personal computer functions go haywire.

Besides that, this really is another excellent desktop set from Logitech.  Once an appropriate drivers are installed, it truly works like a piece of cake. It is a bit of expensive, but has all the reliability and also quality that one would definitely expect from Logitech.