Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse - Black Review

Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse - Black
My pre-ordered Arc Touch mouse (Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse - Black) came yesterday. I have spent the better part of last night and today using it with web browsers, editing manuscripts, Twitter, remote desktop connections, you name it. It simply works and works well.

I'm currently using it at the dark blue arm of the chair in my living room. My old laser mice couldn't track on this material but it is not problem for the Arc Touch's blue laser.

Just one suggestion, get the Intellipoint driver from Microsoft. It can give you the ability configure the 3 "buttons" (touch points) on the mouse's scroll pad. I currently have a middle double-click set to send a Back command to my browser. Clicking the forward edge of the scroll pad sends a Top of Page command and also hitting the trailing edge sends a Bottom of Page. Each of these are able to all be remapped to your liking.

The most important improvement is the form-factor. The receiver is a micro-USB recipient, so it slightly stands out of the back of my Lenovo W510 laptop. It never gets in the way and never needs to be removed. The mouse itself snaps flat to turn off and merely fits in a shirt pocket, pants pocket or even laptop bag. When snapped up into an arc, it switches on and is quite cozy. I used to use a trackball and was concerned about starting from a full-hand sided device to a portable mouse. I find the fact that certainly is not an issue and that the mouse is very relaxing.